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Phi Phi Island


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The Phi Phi Islands are in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the west Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland. The islands are administratively part of Krabi provinceKo Phi Phi Don meaning "island" in the Thai language) is the largest island of the group, and is the most populated island of the group, although the beaches of the second largest island, Ko Phi Phi Lee (or "Ko Phi Phi Leh"), are visited by many people as well. The rest of the islands in the group, including Bida Nok, Bida Noi, and Bamboo Island (Ko Mai Phai), are not much more than large limestone rocks jutting out of the sea. The Islands are reachable by speedboats or Long-tail boats most often from Krabi Town or from various piers in Phuket Province.

Phi Phi Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen during the late-1940s, and later became a coconut plantation. The Thai population of Phi Phi Don remains more than 80% Muslim. The actual population however, if counting laborers, especially from the north-east, is much more Buddhist these days. The population is between 2,000 and 3,000 people 

The islands came to worldwide prominence when Ko Phi Phi Leh was used as a location for the 2000 British-American film The Beach. This attracted criticism, with claims that the film company had damaged the island's environment, since the producers bulldozed beach areas and planted palm trees to make it resemble description in the book,an accusation the film's makers contest. An increase in tourism was attributed to the film's release, which resulted in increases in waste on the Islands, and more developments in and around the Phi Phi Don Village. Phi Phi Lee also houses the "Viking Cave", where there is a thriving industry harvesting edible bird's nest.

The islands feature beaches and clear water that have had their natural beauty protected by national park status. Tourism on Ko Phi Phi, like the rest of Krabi Province, has exploded since the filming of the movie The Beach In the early 1990s, only adventurous travelers visited the island. Today, Ko Phi Phi is one of Thailand's most famous destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking and other marine recreational activities.


Tours & Activities
Phi Phi Island is known as one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Don't miss an opportunity to visit nature at it's finest. 
There are many different tour programs and activities. Rent a private Longtail boat for the day, cliff jump, learn about sharks, or simply go to a private beach and soak your feet in the sand.

Tours & Acitivities



The surrounding hillsides and stunning cliffs make Phi Phi a top climbing destination.

Beginner to advanced courses and climbs are available, as well as gear rental and guides.




What better way to treat yourself after a hard night of partying or after a tough day out snorkeling and looking at sunsets, than to get a traditional Thai Massage from professionally trained masseuses.
Specializing in Ancient Thai, oil, aroma therapy, head and neck and you can even get a wax or manicure!

Thai massage on Phi Phi


Bars on Phi Phi

Phi Phi is famous for it's night life and part of the reason so many people come here. Party the night away on one of the many beach bars or get your groove on at Phi Phi's only rooftop bar, or try some Thai boxing and get a free bucket!

Bars on Phi Phi



Phi Phi is not without it's share of quality food or stylish restaurants.
There is something here for everyone's taste buds. 

Fresh seafood, authentic local Thai food and some great international favorites as well.

Restaurants on Phi Phi


Tattoo Shops

Phi Phi island is not without it's share or tattoo shops. They are literally everywhere!  Get a bamboo or machine tattoos from quality professionals, home-made jewelry and more..

Bamboo tattoo in Thailand


SCUBA - Dive Centers 
The waters around Phi Phi Island are teeming with a multitude of marine life.

The waters around Phi Phi Island are teeming with a multitude of marine life. Discover SCUBA to Instructor development courses are available.

SCUBA diving



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